Education is the cornerstone within the life and development of a child. The Sam J. Frankino Foundation is committed to supporting schools and other academic institutions. Future generations of Newtons, Monets, Einsteins, Hemingways, Goodalls, and Jobses will certainly bring amazing discoveries and creations in science, the arts, literature, technology, and more to our world. It begins by providing them with the tools necessary to see beyond their walls.

The Foundation welcomes opportunities to partner with nonprofit organizations that reach out to youth — particularly children who are homeless or within foster care — and that offer physical education programs, thereby encouraging physical as well as mental health.

SJFF also supports programs that seek to help victims of child abuse and domestic violence, whether through women’s shelters, law enforcement programs or judicial avenues. We offer grants for programs and services that empower children and families to overcome poverty or other adversities, thereby fostering hope and inspiring change.


The Sam J. Frankino Foundation welcomes opportunities to support our community and culture, particularly the Italian-American community. We contribute to social, educational, recreational and other creative initiatives for all ages that strengthen community and are dedicated to preserving and enriching our heritage and traditions.



It is a mission of the Sam J. Frankino Foundation to help those in need to get the proper care and support to lead productive, rewarding lives.

The SJFF gives high priority to support health care initiatives and organizations that deliver care to the poor, sick and disabled in our community as well as institutions that advance the knowledge of medicine and surgery in maintaining one’s overall health.

SJFF seeks to help the poor, homeless, and broken, primarily within our community, through grants that support programs and services that reach these fragile groups. We also want to help when tragedy strikes – whether a home fire, tornado, or other natural disaster.

Our Foundation continues to support organizations that care for children and adults challenged with physical and developmental disabilities as well as mental health issues. We also honor our valiant, courageous veterans. Sam J. Frankino served as a sergeant in the U.S. Army, and like all veterans, fought to protect the freedoms we hold so dear. We are proud to be able to give back to those who served.


The creative spirit and imagination are central to healthy communities. Artistic expression nourishes the soul and breaks down boundaries among races, classes, religions, and cultures. The arts also bring attention to inequalities and celebrate individuality.

Our region is rich with ambitious artists who should be nurtured through support of their creative endeavors. Our Foundation supports professional organizations that create excellent, innovative art and protect art treasures throughout the world.

Beyond the paint, canvas or stage, SJFF supports such worthwhile organizations and programs as zoos, botanical gardens, theaters, museums, symposiums and cultural exhibitions.



Supporting pioneering discoveries in science, medical research and bioengineering is achieved not only through The Sam J. Frankino Foundation’s generous undergraduate and graduate scholarships but through our financial support of regional health care institutions.

SJFF supports scholastic endeavors and organizations that strive to enrich the lives of those residing primarily in northeast Ohio. We applaud state-of-the art breakthroughs in medical research as well as the delivery of innovative health care solutions.

SJFF demonstrates a history of supporting research and improvements in the areas of:

  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Parkinson’s
  • Leukemia

  • Epilepsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Lupus
  • Arthritis

Our Foundation will provide grants to further the understanding of diseases and advance the capabilities of medicine and surgery that may one day bring cures.


Clean air, clean water, land conservation, a sustainable environment–The Sam J. Frankino Foundation is committed to supporting such “green” initiatives. A clean, healthy environment is vital for future generations. All must step up and invest to make this goal achievable.

The Sam J. Frankino Foundation supports partnerships that bring together people who value, nurture and protect the natural environment. The SJF Foundation is specifically interested in increasing the understanding of the environment and our relationship to it and its activities.